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HRP #69 ~ SASS # 10400 ~ SASS Founders Ranch LIFE Member


For us both, with Texas Jack as a founding member of HRP, being members of the HorseRidge Pistoleros for nearly 13 years has been a labor of love for cowboy action shooting and the memory of the Old West. This is why we work hard and invest many hours to support HRP each year. We plan to keep HRP in our lives for a very long time. I didn't start cowboy shooting for 9 years, but after watching Gila River Mo and Arizona Fandango in the "04 NW Regional", I felt I was missing the "fun" part of my involvement with HRP. I started shooting, and fell instantly in love with the sport.

Why did I wait sooo long?

Right ~ Texas Jack and I are at the 2004 Winter Range shoot in Cavecreek, AZ.

This love of our sport has been shared by our youngest son, Last Chance Morales, the newest member of the "Morales Gang". Chance has been shooting for 2 years now, since he turned 12, and he's been showing us more than a few new tricks to go with his incredible speed!

Bragging rights as "Mom" here, Last Chance Morales has gained several titles since starting in HRP 2 years ago.

He's earned titles to the:

  • 2006 NW Regional Buckaroo Champion
  • 2006 Oregon State Buckaroo Champion
  • 2007 2nd Place at EOT in the Buckaroo Category
  • 2007 Young Guns Gold medal winner in the Oregon State Games
  • 2007 Oregon State Junior Champion
  • Idaho State Overall Junior Champion
  • 2007 NW Regional Junior Champion

NW Regional 06 - Longhunter & Chance . .

"Last Chance Morales" (R) in 1996 . . .

with Tumbleweed Thoms' son Timmy (L)

And then last summer . . .

2007 Oregon State Olympic Games Champions!

Last Chance and "mom" today . .

2007 SASS NW Regional . . .

2007 Idaho State Ladies SASS Champion

2007 Oregon State SASS Championship - 2nd Place Ladies Modern

Friends . . . Buckshot Shelly & Idaho Six Gun Sam, both Championship Shooters.

Everyone should be so lucky as to have a great sidekicks!



First HRP Championship Shoot -"96"

"Shootout at HorseRidge" 2007 . . .

2007 Oregon State SASS Champions from HRP!

My First EOT 2006 as a shooter:

EOT 2006 - Below is a picture of some of my favorite SASS shooting companions. Special love to Gila River Mo, Rimrock and Arizona Fandango (center), and Longhunter who has not only been an excellent friend, but a great CAS teacher! Many of you have met him at our bigger HRP matches helping us out. His pretty wife Gail, far left, is a sweetheart of a gal, and a very dear friend.

Being a member of HRP, and CAS, is not all work, although sometimes I beg to differ. Below, Texas Jack and I are heading for the saloon for some "party time " at the 06 SASS Convention. Good Times . . .

Slaughter John and I in 1996. HRP #15, he was a founding member and a beloved part of the original HRP gang. Cancer got him after a long hard fight. We all really miss this rough ole bear of a guy.

Well, that's all I have time for today. I would love to chat with you, so drop me an e-mail






Congratulations Pistolero "Last Chance Morales" for winning 6 World Championship buckles at SASS End of Trail!

World Champion Wild Bunch OverAll World Champion Fastest Young Gun Male
World Champion Wild Bunch Team 2009 & 2010 World Champion Junior Texas Surrender
World Champion Posse 2009 & 2010 World Champion Pocket Pistol OverAll