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Take off yer boots, git comfy, and visit with a few of the friendly members of the


Below are a few of the members of the HorseRidge Pistoleros listed alphabetically. This list is updated regularly. Many have provided their e-mail address, shown by the link in their Alias, or a telephone number. A few even have requested an "HRP Members" web-page so you can view their favorite pictures! If you stop by and visit, drop them a line, they would love to hear from you.


Balarat Slow Lee

Big Casino - "HRP Member at Large"

Cactus John - "HRP Marshall"

Deadwood Pete

Deschutes Bodey

Dirt Ranger

Dodge City Kid

Evan Williams

Ezekial 'Zeke' James

Hawkeye Scout

Hoss Reese

Kissable Kim - my HRP page

Last Chance Morales

Leggs Balou- Webmaster
my HRP page

Lecherous Lester

Mojave Mick "HRP Deputy Marshall"

Poke - "HRP Law Dawg"

Street Howitzer -

Sunrise Bill -

Tequila Rosie "HRP Bookkeeper"

Texas Jack Morales -"HRP Territorial Governor" 541-420-3955

Whiskey Witt


Wildcat Annie


























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Last Updated Jamuary 1st, 2015