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HorseRidge Pistoleros ~ PO Box 6174 ~ Bend, OR.  97708

COSSA GATE CODES: Gate codes are needed for entrance into the Range.  COSSA members will use their member number, but for Non-COSSA members, call Cactus John(541-848-2819), Big Casino (541-848-7260), Texas Jack Morales (541-420-3955), for the code to enter.

For 24 years, The "Home of the Horse Ridge Pistoleros" is the C.O.S.S.A. Shooting Range in Millican Oregon. HRP Hosts Monthly Club Shoots every 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday of the month, all year long. If there is a 5th Sunday in a month, we shoot Cowboy Action on that Sunday also.

Match Start Times: - 10 a.m.

Please go to Events for more match and schedule information.

We are a SASS Affiliated Club and shoot according to SASS Rules. You do not need to be a SASS or HRP member to shoot with HRP, but you must be familar with SASS rules. To familiarize yourself, download the CAS or Wild Bunch SASS Shooters Handbook's to your desktop. Here is the SASS link.

2019 - On the Tuesday following the 1st Sunday Shoot of each month, we meet at Round Table Clubhouse in Bend, 6 pm Social/Meal time and 7 pm Meeting. Located in North Bend, across from the Riverhouse, on Hwy 97.
2490 N. Hwy 97, Bend, OR 97701.

Meet the Executive Board of HRP

Texas Jack Morales

HRP Territorial Governor *Founding Member

1-(541) 420-3955

HRP #1  ~  SASS #5026 Life/Regulator * SASS Founders Ranch Life Member

2015 SASS Governor of the Year!

Big Casino

HRP Member at Large


HRP # 2  SASS # 4306

HRP Life/SASS Regulator

Mojave Mick

HRP Deputy Marshall

1-(541) 389-4037

HRP # 48  SASS #6973



Copper Dave

HRP Banker/Bookkeeper

1-(408) 489-2749

HRP # 197   SASS #103401



HRP Law Dawg


HRP# 5 - SASS Regulator#4968


Cactus John

HRP Marshall

1-(541) 848-2819

HRP #194 ~  SASS #90244

Meet the rest of the HRP Gang that you'll see at most all shoots and events . . . shooting, working, socializing and having a Great time!